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Complications with Telltale Store

posted by Mystical Chocobo on - last edited - Viewed by 83 users

It's been a while since I've posted in the Telltale forum, and under a different name (AdorableSeaUrchin was my name, if you remember me) This is copy/pasted from my e-mail which wasn't received, so, here it is.


I am a huge fan of your games. I all the Sam and Max episodes (having the original game, "Hit the Road", being my favorite game of all time) and I pre-ordered a season pass for Wallace and Gromit and I really love "Fright of the Bumblebees" (though it's puzzles are good, it's not as funny as Sam and Max or SBCG4AP). Speaking of SBCG4AP, since I pre-orded Wallace and Gromit, I recived "Dangeresque 3" for free. I enjoyed it very much and decided to purchase it, especially since there was the 50% off deal. But as I went to the end of the checkout, there was no discount. I'm sure you meant that I need to buy it with Wallace and Gromit in the same order, but can I get the discount since I already bought the games earlier in the week?

Please look into it,

My name (I don't feel like sharing it on the forums)

By the way, the registered e-mail address I have them on is [removed]. The Telltale username is MysticalChocobo.

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