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Bone demo os X display issues

posted by abitterbastard on - last edited - Viewed by 89 users

I'm trying to play the bone demo on my new mac mini but for some reason the screen is displaying only like the bottom third of what's happening at the top of my screen . It started off in windowed mode which I should have just settled for in hindsight, but big stupid me I wanted to see everything all big and pretty. I've played WoW with no issues but I just recently tried Giants: Citizen Kabuto and had the same problem. I'm fine with playing in windowed mode if anybody knows how to get back into that without me being able to see the top 2/3 of the screen, but I'd sure like to know how to fix this.

*edit* So I just noticed that somebody already had a similar issue but I didn't see it because they didn't mention that it was in Bone in the title. I found a fix in there, but now it won't let me click past the tutorial before my first chat with phoney. Cursor responds and everything so it's not frozen but the tutorial won't go away no matter how much I click. I'm going to try sifting through the forums again in case I can find something while I'm waiting.

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