• I have said it time and time again, if that was Clementine who would've lost the baby, Kenny would've killed her. Simply because she's smaller and can be easily over-powered. Kenny wanted Clem's head after what happened to Sarita. Luckily, that herd stopped him.

    • If Kenny wanted Clem's head, what was stopping him from shooting her when she was in the tent in ep 4?

    • No way Kenny would have hurt, let alone tried to kill, Clementine.

      Jane on the other hand notoriously viewed the baby as a burden and possibly endangering them, and never gave a shit about his well-being before. Assuming she killed it because she returns without it is a long shot, but not without foundation. Kenny knows her to be emotionally detached and focusing on her survival above all, for all he knows she's one of these "survival of the fittest" types. I can see why he would think her capable of intentionally abandoning a baby in the snow to spare the trouble and risk of keeping it. And of course he doesn't believe her when she denies it, because he obviously assumes the worst of her and that's exactly what the cold, calculating person he suspects her to be would say.

      And all she had to do to prove him she wasn't a baby killer was to tell him she couldn't have killed AJ since he was actually alive... You know, the one thing that would have stopped the fight and immediately shut off Kenny's berserker mode... But she couldn't do that because she had already decided to make it a fight to the death to get rid of Kenny.

      Kenny wanted Clem's head after what happened to Sarita

      Ridiculous. Some people just can't stand being told off so it seems. If someone is blaming you and being unpleasant, it means he wants your head ? He wanted to be left alone in the first place, he didn't come to confront Clementine.

      • Ridiculous. Some people just can't stand being told off so it seems. But Kenny said This one's on your head, Clementine!

        • Meaning he temporarily blames her...

          on one's head : assumed or borne, as a responsibility or something blameworthy.

          This one's on your head =/= I'll have your head

        • And it was on her head, to some extent.

          I in no way blame Clem for what she did. It was the right thing to do, as not cutting it off would have lead to Sarita's death for 100% sure. And Clem couldn't know Sarita would trip into a herd and get numbed.

          But she still is, to a very little extent, responsible.

          Now, I agree Kenny went to far with blaming her for everything that happened. But he wasn't totally wrong.

    • Lol, no. One of the reasons he killed/tried to kill Jane was because he thought she'd eventually get Clem killed, as he said later.

      And he did say "This is on your head, Clementine." He meant that it was her fault, that she was responsible. He wasn't going to kill her.

    • I doubt Kenny would kill Clementine. Explode at her and blame her for everything (again) but not out and out kill her. She's his (other) Duck surrogate.

      He attacks Jane because Jane had been trying to provoke him (including mocking his dead family) earlier and he never trusted her.

    • Why does this comment have so many upvotes?

      Kenny would never ever hurt Clementine, let alone kill her.

      WTF?! Kenny loved Clem like his own daughter, while Jane was just some random survivor who he met a day ago and of whom he believed had taken AJ from us.

      • Because unfortunately there are a lot of Kenny haters in the world, and that is the most damning statement that can be made really. Too bad there isn't actually anything to back it up.

  • I think it's easy to give the baby to the walkers..and let them eat the baby up like a buffet.

  • That's exactly what I thought the moment I saw Jane without the baby.

  • Of course, that sounds reasonable but then you remember this is coming from the person who advocates leaving the child and other burdens behind.

  • I'm aware that during a snowstorm sound won't travel that far. But I doubt if you trip and you're not on a slope the baby would be more than what 1 meter away from you. Don't forget it would start to scream and you'd hear it.

  • Even if chield dies you look for it. The fact that she didnt come with the body at least shows that she either did something to the baby, or that she didnt bother searching.

  • It would be very easy for Jane to lose the baby in a snowstorm because a real baby would be dead or close to it after 3-4 days without eating. A real baby would most definitely be dead after 12 days without eating, which is about how many have passed before the final scene. And, for that matter, a real baby would be screaming its head off within about 4 hours of not eating.

    Granted, Clem has the magic baby touch that instantly quiets AJ down no matter what mayhem is going on around them, and I can sort of accept that, but I don't find it believable that Clem's magic baby touch also fills up the baby's tummy. Maybe others have commented on this, but I'm surprised I haven't seen it. If the devs can justify bad narrative (e.g., unsatisfying loose ends; stupid, pointless deaths; irrational character behavior) on the basis that it's "more realistic" then maybe someone should let them know that real babies die if they don't eat for 12 days, because it's obvious none of TT's devs have ever taken care of a baby.

  • I think that we don't really care wether she might have had good excuses or not, because no one would have ever suspected her from any wrongdoing if she had not pulled that shit in the first place... She created the suspicion for which she is suspected, how about stop finding excuses as if she had actually lost the baby and was unfairly blamed for it ?

    And when the fight was on, all she had to do to prove him she wasn't a baby killer was to tell him she couldn't have killed AJ since he was actually alive... You know, the one thing that would also have stopped the fight and immediately shut off Kenny's berserker mode... But she wouldn't do that because she had already decided to make it a fight to the death to get rid of Kenny.

    • Na. He probably would have killed her for lying. He's was crazy after all.

    • I honestly don't think Kenny would have believed her if she said AJ was alive. He snapped and was gone. I think the only thing he would have listened to to stop fighting was actually hearing AJ crying.

      I know it's not really the same, but in Season 1 when you show him the cloth covered in Duck's coughed up blood, Kenny dismisses it. Once he gets something stuck in his head, it stays there until something snaps him out of it. I don't think Jane saying he was alive was going to snap him out of it, since he didn't trust her in the first place, right? He'd probably just call it bullshit, I think.

      • I thought it was obvious nothing but Jane's death would've satisfied him at that point. I don't get how that's not obvious to everyone else.

        • Exactly! Kenny even says he's "done talking" if you try to tell him to let Jane talk. And if you get between them when they fight their way outside and try to tell Jane to run and she says it's not happening and pushes Clem aside, I have a feeling if she did run, Kenny would have just ran for her. He wasn't going to just let her go. He'd probably scream at Clementine too for trying to help her get away. Probably akin to the Sarita moment: "YOU STUPID FUCKING KID!!"

          I just hate how Jane pushes Clem if you get between them and block her--I can understand Kenny, but Jane there? It woulda fit more if Kenny threw Clem away to continue the fight, but that's just me. He wasn't going to let Jane go, and he wasn't going to listen to a word she said. He didn't even listen to one of my Clementines when she said to go back south like three times.

          Kenny just doesn't care to listen unless it's to hear himself. He wasn't ending that fight until someone ended up dead.

          I also wonder, do people forget Kenny throws the first punch? He walks back in, pushes Clem out of the way and tries to deck Jane in the face and screams she's a murderer despite her saying it's an accident. She takes out her knife, puts it away and tells him not to get near her, and then he charges her into the door and would have strangled her to death had Clem not stepped in. (I don't know what happens if you don't)

          What Jane did was stupid, but the fact Kenny didn't even try to listen is what seals the deal. Jane was trying to prove a point, and the point was that that could have easily been Luke or Nick or LEE or even HER on the ground about to get a knife plunged into their chest because he doesn't listen and blahblahblah

          (sorry for the rant omgosh)

  • Well, time to pull out the dead baby jokes!!!

  • Oh yes, babies are like a pair of keys. Oops, where did my baby go?

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