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Make the right prediction!

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[quote]This DVD has all your favorite Strong Bad Emails including some kinda robot, i love you, trevor the vampire, band names, cgnu, superhero name, sisters, guitar, invisibility, action figure, techno, comic, japanese cartoon, dragon, monster truck, caper, personal favorites, crazy cartoon, stunt double, kids' book, mile, caffeine, army, video games, different town, flashback, theme park, dangeresque 3, crying, for kids, montage, virus, radio, best thing, bottom 10, geddup noise, space program, death metal, technology, myths and legends, alternate universe, isp, theme song, 4 branches, the movies, your funeral, pizza joint, slumber party, fan club and email thunder. PLUS 5 bonus emails absolutely free![/quote]

The game is this. There are many meanings that the Brother Chaps mean when they say 5 bonus emails. It could mean:
1) These bonus emails were already on the website, just sbmailierized. Like the April Fools '08 email.
2) These bonus emails are brand new emails.
3) These bonus emails were already on the website, and they are regular emails, they just are not on that list of 50 top fan favorite Sbmails.

There may be lots of other possiblities.

Your goal is this. You must post here your prediction.

When SBEmails' 50 Greatest Hits DVD gets released...and your prediction is right, you are a winner.

So, start predicting.

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