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Forumlands I: HEY HO, LET'S GO

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The Borderlands Fanfics are here...

Similar to The Walking Dead fanfiction that frequent this forum, this is a fanfiction with choices, characters, and the added depth of Claptrap and a few other things such as loot. Yes, Claptrap is his own added depth. Don't question.

The story here is:

Around the same time the Vault Hunters were blown out of that train, a group of travelers just looking for a means to an end, or maybe not, were riding the train that was unfortunately blown up by Handsome Jack. Now, they are lost in the Southern Shelf, looking for help.

Looking for Sanctuary.

Put all your damn characters HERE:

Character's Introduced:Jericho Steel, LL-X86, Blisterscope, Zane, Sophie, Anton, Smiler Duncan, The Shepard, Nixon Roosevelt, Mr. Pork, Bloodlust, Minerva,

Character's Waiting To Be Introduced: Delsin, NTN, Timmy the Bandit, True Blood, Raven, Ariana Grande, Fragger Face, Paul, Miley Cyrus, Miss Point Blank, Ghost, Delsin, Gauss, Kyle, R4-B0T, Claptrap Jr., DeathBringer Rick, Absolute Shadow, barda, Vierge, YAYAY, Tewc

Six Feet Under: Bobby,

Want to catch up on the misadventures so far? No more having to go back a thousand pages!


Welcome to the Forumlands, will you survive?

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