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Hard Evidence missing condom

posted by Muffy_moon on - last edited - Viewed by 144 users

Just bought this game and 3 times i've gotten as far as the condom but only able to get one sample then it dissapears. I also tried not taking a sample to see if it would be in my evidence and it's not. I can't continue the game or play any of the others. I'm not the only one i've noticed this has happened to. Is this a glitch and is there a way i can play the other games before the whole thing becomes a total waste of money. Help...

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  • Hey, sorry for the delay but I've had trouble tracking any information down on this one. Do you have a save file you could send us? You can find it in C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Telltale Games\CSI-Hard Evidence. The files we need are CSISaveGame1.prop and Thanks!

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