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Telltale's new series for E3

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mixnmojo has picked up a little snippet of information from Telltale's latest press release that may excite you...

Last but not least, we’re gearing up for E3. If you’ll be at the show and would like to see Telltale’s newest games, let’s schedule a meeting! We will be showing a sneak peek of the final Wallace & Gromit episode, plus a brand new series that we’re announcing at the show. Should be pretty exciting…

The article says that this is not a new season of Sam & Max, but an entirely brand new series. So, let's get guessing! Of course it could be a brand new IP which isn't based around a franchise... what do you think? We'll find out soon enough at E3 (2-4 June).

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  • I'm terrible at guessing these series.. I hope it's something really funny

  • Yeah, Futurama is my number one choice but a new Discworld would be good too! Maybe bring Lewton back from Discworld Noir? the 'Using clues like inventory objects' was innovative at the time.

    How about a game based on Red vs Blue? lol :p

  • As a huge Discworld fan, I'd certainly love new games... but I don't think this is what Telltale has in store. Terry hasn't given any sort of hint about secret projects (which he would be doing had something like this been in the planning) and he's been hard at work finishing up his latest novel, to be published in October (Unseen Academicals).

    I'm happy just to wait for the announcement :) But you guys go ahead and speculate!

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    Jennifer Moderator

    The star of Telltale's next episodic series:

    Onion Bubs!

  • Mmmmmm, Discworld and Telltale does sound like a marriage made in heaven :D

  • Maybe they are pulling something on us.

    A new series of Sam & Max episodic games!

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