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How old are they anyway?

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I don't know if someone's already posted a thread about this. I searched and couldn't find one, anyway.
It seems like Strong Bad and all the other characters do a lot of childish things, but they have jobs. Still, that could be an imaginary job, since a lot of the things they do are imaginary. Did it ever say how old they are? I would guess most of them are between the ages of 15 and 19 (since Homestar and Marzipan went to Senior Prom). Anyway, if anyone could help me out, that would be cool.

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  • Most are probably in their thirties.

  • They're in school all the time and have also presumably graduated from or at least attended college, and were kids "in the past" but also build forts and things out of cardboard boxes, and have jobs but infinite free time. I don't think they're any particular age, and it doesn't really matter.

  • At a guess, I'd say they're around their late twenties with Bubs and Coach Z in their thirties and Senor Cardgage at least in his forties (ignoring them all being born around the same time, apparently). I'm pretty sure there's no real answer, though. The way the H*R universe works is purposefully nebulous, the only rule being that the characters remain themselves in everything that happens -- unless going out-of-character makes sense at the time and/or adds to the funny.

    In-universe-wise, Homestar & Co. seem to pick and choose things from the "real world" and act them out in whatever way they like. They're like overgrown kids trying to play at being grown-ups half the time, who for some crazy reason (blessedly for us) have the freedom to do so in ways which may or may not make a damn bit of sense. Outside canon, it's whatever TBC -- and for the games, Telltale as well -- believes will work best towards delivering the funny while staying true to the characters. Those are my observations, at least. :)

  • To me, it seems as if the most probable answer to this question is that all characters in the h*r universe are without age, or at least in the sense that they can be as old (or young) as they need to be for a joke to work at any given time.

  • My guess: They're as old as they feel.

  • i think jake summed it up quite good. it does not really matter how old they are exactly. of course their relative ages are somewhat important.
    strong bad, homestar and marzipan are somewhat the same age, maybe marzipan is a bit younger. strong sad is younger than strong bad, strong mad is a bit older. maybe strong sad and marzipan are the same age, because they seem to hang out a lot. bubs and coach z are the same age and way older then the others. the kot is definitely the oldest character, since he is in his sixties. i don't know/care how old homsar is compared to the rest, since he is somewhat ageless/timeless/senseless...

  • Well, gives pretty close answers.

  • their like 18. check out my obvious thread in general chat it's called, strong bad

  • @adventurejack said: their like 18. check out my obvious thread in general chat it's called, strong bad

    A random question. Do you consider 18 as a.. um.. "big" age? Like "18 and beyond is the same as they all are BIG and TALL!!1"?

    Just out of curiousity.

  • Well as Strong Bad said: "My age is a closely garuded secret, proteced by a sect of closely garuded monks, who would no sooner dance with goats then divluge my age."

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