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  • Aww, peas! I can't even view it correctly on the Wii, like I could on the Computer. The past 14 and 4 Gregs worked on the Wii, but where's the Internet Channel Upgrade, Nintendo?

  • Darnit, you beat me to it. And yes, this is a good episode.

  • TENERROW'D!! Guess Tomkins got his wish. I Gut you like sheep! There's also the Arrow'd Guy shooting Sparrows! If you were to Pokémonize it, you'd get "SPEAROW'D!!" Why weren't you there to save me, Pikachu?

  • Heh. No. Sparrow'd. I gut you like sheep. That's my new favorite quote. I gut you like sheep. Totally the best TGS yet. I gut you like sheep.

  • Meh. I like TGS #14 better. The Gregs were good as a one time group for a joke thing, but they shoulddefinetly stop making apperences (except for sci-fi and maybe D&D Greg)

  • I'm beginning to wonder where the in-toon easter eggs have left us for good. We've our fair share of after-toon nuggets, but it seems as if the brothers Chap have completely abandoned the idea of a nifty easter egg to be discovered during the 'toon. I still always go back and watch any new 'toon a second time over, frantically waving my mouse all over the place in hope of an extra 5 seconds of 'toon. Alas, this seems to be an abandoned practice.

    Now that I've got that bit of talk out of your way, I'll say that that was quite a humorous 'toon indeed. "I gut you like sheep!"

  • Honestly, this one just isn't as good as the ones before the last Hremail. They had an explosion of really great content after SBCG4AP came out(and to a lesser extent during that period), but that seems to have dropped back into the kind of stuff they were doing that had me more or less disinterested in the site before Telltale picked up the property.

    I don't think they lack the ability to create good humor anymore, but with these established characters and situations they're starting to go a bit stale again, relying too much on in-jokes and the like. It was great when they turned the old stuff on its head for a few toons, but it's not really worth much if all we get out of it in the long run is the same old stuff minus a Sbemails section.

  • Eh, not bad. Not good either. The I gut you like sheep part was great, though.

  • I'm not a big fan of the Teen Girl Squad thing, but this one was pretty funny. Also, did anyone else notice that it said 2008 instead of 2009? Anyone? No?

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