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German "PC Games"-magazine reviews "Culture Shock"...

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... and gives a whopping 82% rating.

The two main points of criticism are - again - that the puzzles are too easy, and none of them involved Max into the solution (as it was the case in "Hit the Road" several times). Second - and besides other things resulting from the easy puzzles - the game is still a little too short. Furthermore a tiny complaint went into the fact that you can't double-click an exit to use it immediately, and that the inventory opens a little too slowly.

On the plus side there's, well, all the rest... the graphics pleased, as did the voices and Jared's fabolous score.

So, guys and gals at TellTale, reading through all the reviews linked to on this forum, and criticism by people who've already played it, I think it's pretty clear that the puzzles are too far on the easy side.

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