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Current Hobbies.

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In the long and short of this thread is to post your current weird and wonderful hobbies (not including gaming) why you enjoy them etc.

f.e. something such as watching films wouldn't count however being a film buff of a particular film maker/actor would. Feel free to comment and ask about each others hobbies and so forth.

Ok so my turn first

Juggling: I recently got back into using circus props from a 2 and a half year break with my current favourite props being diabolos, it is a great stress reliever, as well as improving hand eye coordination etc.

Photography: I haven't been doing this so much recently with exams coming up but it can be a lot of fun

Playing guitar: either bass or 6 strings, again another which I have been neglecting a little, for the same reasons as above. I don't play because I want to make a living off of it, just for fun.

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  • Stop Motion
    Video Game Commentary Vids (Or Super Insanely High Quality Lets Plays)
    and Playing with Mac OS X Programs

  • Movies: Haven't been making many lately, but planning on a big one.
    Art: Sculpting, painting, etc. etc.
    Math: Yeah, I'm a nerd.
    Gaming: Uh, duh!
    Reading: This awesome thing where you can decipher symbols on paper, to reveal a story!
    Sketching: Been doing it for years with some cool characters coming out of it.



    Gaming: Currently playing around with Fable II again...Still trying to solve Frikkin Puzzle #168 (Last non-downloaded puzzle on Professor Layton 3)...Maplestory...

    Cooking: Apparently, people are addicted to my Swiss Chocolate Cupcakes.

    Reading: Since making my own Professor Layton Bookmark, I have to finally start reading Inkheart soon...

    Geography: Still sucking at it. Darn you, PL, for forcing me to feel worse than I already have to... "I've let you down, Professah"

    Photography: I finally realizd that since getting my braces off, if I give a shy smile, I look like a teenager. Can't forget the hat, though. Super important in pulling off the trick.

  • I've been doodling every now and then, but recently I've been getting a case of artist's block, so I haven't been able to think of what I should draw. I need to get a new moleskine journal, my old one's stuffed to the frigging brim with drawings. The majority of them are Invader Zim drawings. Not like it's a bad thing.

    I've also been into writing, which is a good alternative to drawing. Although I can never think of anything original...

  • Vidjo games: Still have to beat Bully....

  • I spent my money on QDK pro recently. It's fun to work with and I'm full of ideas, especially since I don't have the knowledge to program any games or use Flash. I do think I'm good at writing, though (even though my sentences sometimes sound weird... I don't always get the English grammar right, but I keep improving), so text adventures are pretty much the perfect tool for me to create games. I like it very much, even if it is a bit oldfashioned (oh well, so am I).

    Of course there's a lot of other stuff I do you might call my hobbies, but I don't spend that much time on any of them at the moment. I like doing jigsaws (especially wasgijs, if you ever heard of them; they keep me busy as well as entertained for quite a while. Wasgijs are a kind of jigsaw where the cover doesn't show the picture you're supposed to get out of it, but rather what happens a certain time before or the person watching the scene), I like drawing, writing, translating and reading. Yep, all the boring stuff. ;)

  • Learning Russian, спасибо.

  • Reading (currently making my way through The Odyssey) and programming (C++ & C#).

  • l collect 1/6 figs and have started learnin to sculpt

  • At the moment I am:
    Reading: Dante's Divine Comedy
    Sport: Big Manchester United and Doncaster Rovers fan, football is definitely my favourite sport, followed by Snooker (come on Ronnie!). And I will also be watching the Turkish Grand Prix tomorrow, to see Jenson Button and Barrichello get a 1-2.
    Film: I love watching film, and am hoping to get through watchign Night Watch and Day Watch, and then several Nicholas Cage films that I have come upon.
    Music: I also play Percussion and Guitar, unfortunately I'm on a treatment that has ruined the skin on the ends of my fingers so I can't play guitar well at the moment for that.
    And finally: I am trying to learn as many languages as I can, I've learnt some Russian, and am aiming to start on some scandinavian language, further my German, and start on Gaelic.

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