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Cannot get S&M season 2 to load - 3rd request

posted by onlysoso on - last edited - Viewed by 196 users

I sent an e-mail on 4/13, which I am not sure you received. I sent one on 4/15 that you definitely received. I received an automatic response and was assigned 'issue-16540'.

I received the Sam & Max Season 2 DVD, but I cannot get it to load.

I know that my DVD drive works, because I put Season One in the drive and it worked fine.

There is no response when I put the disk in the drive, no automatic start up.

The computer asks me to put a disk in the drive when I select Run off the Start menu even though the disk is in the drive.

I also got a very serious error at one point, a "blue screen of death" during the shutdown process when I tried to Start -> Restart with the disk in the drive. It said something about Stacks. Didn't write it down. When I finally restarted, it said Windows had recovered from a serious error.

I also tried to restart with the disk in the drive and the computer did not allow Windows to start until I ejected the disk.

FYI, I am running XP home edition.

I think you have sent me a bad / damaged disk.

What do I do?

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