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where is everyone?

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Awful quiet around here lately... where is everybody?!

I was out of town and away from email for a week and a half. What's your excuse? :))

Check in and let us know you're still around, and counting the days until Sam & Max comes out!

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    Maybe a little hype from screenshots would stir things up a bit!
    I think everything has been discussed to death so far.

  • Funny... I have a feeling you'll be seeing some new screenshots in the not too distant future. ;)

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    or maybe release some soundtrack samples? so we can say how the new soundtrack is much better than the already perfect soundtrack of the original. :D

    now let it put it to you in simple english - i've flattered your game, now give some screenshots... and audio samples too!

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    Everyone is on the line queuing to get their hands on Sam & Max Episode 1 first! They're in the imaginatory queue in the Internet and can't come here post anything while there.

    I had to hire an expensive professional queuer to take my place while I come here to explain this to you. I hope you're proud of yourself now!

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    just waiting to hear something new about sam and max really...

  • Me, I was busy. First there's the obvious fun and good times of school work. Woo. Then there's the box set I just bought of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (The entire first season. Woo again). Then I went and bought every story about Sherlock Holmes. Then several books containing the stories of H P Lovecraft. Then the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe. I'm halfway through readig each of these at the moment. Then I rediscovered my Playstation and am currently busy playing Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX. When I'm finished with these I'll probably replay Dreamfall. And finally start playing the second hand copy of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth I bought at a sale (at the fantastically named store, Real Groovy) two months ago.

    Basically, I've been being a geek. :D

    No time for forums. Oh no. Much too busy.

  • Final Fantasy VIII is one of my favorite games of all time. Definitely worth a replay. :D

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    I just watched a great movie, Hoodwinked. It's an independent animation film. While some argue that the animation isn't top notch, it beats every single animated movie since the original, revolutionary Shrek. The story is so great and the hit/miss ratio of the jokes is nearly 100%.

    I urge you to get it on DVD or watch it some other way! If you're American, you might think that this is old news since it apparently opened there in January, but it just came to theatres here in Finland.

    "What kind of candles are those?"
    "Dy-na-mite. Must be italian."

  • [quote]"What kind of candles are those?"
    "Dy-na-mite. Must be italian."[/quote]

    Hey, isn't that from A Christmas Story? "Fra-gi-le. Must be Italian."

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    [quote]Hey, isn't that from A Christmas Story? "Fra-gi-le. Must be Italian."[/quote]

    I'm too young to know of such movies. But yes, apparently you are right. I think 23 years is long enough to allow a joke to be used a second time. :(|)

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