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Telltale to Make Sam and Max Cursor-less?!

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I have a lot to say abut this.
[*]Why do you need it on Xbox 360 when you could port it to Wii at the end of the season?
[*]These games are partially about simplicity. So while this will no doubt be simple, it won't be as simple as clicking something!
[*]What does this mean for Strong Bad? It worked great on Wii as a Pn'C, but why make a Wii version if it doesn't have pointer controls?
[*]I thought Telltale was the number One Pn'C game creator right now!
Now, I don't feel like a Pn'C purist, but I don't like the way you guys are going. Sure I'll still throw my money at you, but I'd rather do it for something else.

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  • I think they're overstating things calling it cursor-less. The PC Wallace & Gromit episodes are not cursor-less.
    I'm not particularly thrilled with this news, but I'll live. Frankly I'm more concerned about keeping my unlimited save slots.

  • Sure, it'll be arkward to move Sam and Max with no cursor, but it's gonna be awesome beacause it's Sam and Max. Ain't I right people, (raise his hand then long silence), aww c'mon, cheer up!

  • Well, like someone pointed out at joystiq: Grim Fandango was cursorless and it was amazing so there, I'm no longer scared :)

  • Wallace & Gromit was cursorless and it generated just under 9000 comments over two threads in the forums, the majority of which were negative. I've purchased every Telltale series since Sam & Max Season 1, but I'm not sure I'll be picking this up. Telltale have had great customer service in the past and I hold them in high esteem as a company and developer, but I may be forced to vote with my wallet.

    Oh, and Dextro? Read reviews for Grim Fandango. Personally I think it is one of, if not THE greatest game ever made. However, you'll find the only consistent criticism of it was for it's controls.

  • I'm not sure why you'd need to make Sam and max anything other than using a mouse to point and click.. But then maybe they'll have a simultaneous release on the consoles.. I'd have to hear the reasons before I get too outraged

  • Well presumably they're going to give the same "cinematic camera angles" argument. I don't really buy into that, but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and see how I feel about it after one or two more Wallace & Gromit episodes. I do like that they try something new once in a while.

  • @Hero1 said: maybe they'll have a simultaneous release on the consoles

    It sounds like that might be likely.

    However, that's not really an excuse, is it? Games should be optimised and geared towards the platforms they are released on. Mass Effect was an excellent example of this. Bioware spent a lot of time redesigning the interface to work better with a PC, rather than just doing a straight port.

    The excuse "to save time on multi-platform development" (at the expense of player experience) is not ever acceptable. To be clear though, I'm not saying that's what's happening in this case.

    I've had discussions with one of the designers/programmers ("Yare") in the W&G forums, and worked out a system that would work in almost all cases for both point and click, and direct control, without setting up complicated click targets for every scene, and restricting camera angles (it's a complex technical issue, go look in the W&G subforum and check the thread if you're interested). I really hope they do something like that.

  • I loved both the previous seasons of Sam and Max. However if season 3 truely is cursorless i wont be purchasing.

    I can't stand adventures where you can use the mouse. I loved everything about grim fandango except the control system (and it was damn hard lol) but i had to give up playing it as it was so annoying to control...

  • I personally don't think it will be truly cursorless, I think it will combine the two and give an option to choose point and click.

    Maybe a use for Warp Drive at last?

  • I would be very surprised if Telltale is that blind to criticism. Response to the controls in W&G ranged from "This is so bad I can't play it" to "well, I guess it's all right," but there were two constants: Nobody said it was better than mouse control, and everybody hoped that Sam and Max would remain mouse-controlled.

    I'm hoping the game will include both options, personally.

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