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EP2,CH2: How to make Mrs Gabberly a delighted customer ?

posted by DenisGL on - last edited - Viewed by 263 users

I've satisfied all the other customers, except Mrs Gabberly who is crying in the living room, especially when Mr Mc Biscuit appears in the water slide and insults her.
Any idea ?

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  • Mrs Gabberly is really down, talk to her to try to cheer her up.

    You know, that does remind me of Monkey Island, and his insult sword fighting, every cue has a maching answer, perhaps the items on the table can help you.

    Talk the Edwina (that's her name) then:
    When Winnie asks you if you catch her drift, Click on the glass
    When Winnie asks you what you think of Duncan, click on the cheese
    When Winnie says she's soft in the head, click on the knife
    When Winnie says she should count her blessings and that her hat fits, click on the sign
    When Winnie says it's a sorry old world, click on the cheese crumbs
    When Winnie start's asking what to do what to do, click on the cup of tea
    When Winnie says she's to old for a beach holiday, click on the daisy
    And when Winnie suggest going home to her husband, click on the romance novel.
    Remember, you need to answer correctly three times in a row.

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