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Shock... Amazement... is the world come to an end?

posted by LazerFX on - last edited - Viewed by 113 users

I've just spent a while watching the trailers, reading the details for both the Monkey Island games that are up-and-coming. First off - what? Telltale and Lucasarts working together? On an adventure game? On MONKEY ISLAND? I'm both shocked, amazed, slightly horrified, and really, really happy.

It's worth it to see this game back in the hands of (at least some of) the creative talent that made it what it is. I'm also really impressed with their work on the Special Edition - including the seamless switch to the original games graphics, which is really neat.

So - I've put my money where my mouth is. The pre-order has gone in. Don't let me down, this is my childhood remembrance that's at stake.

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