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Characters and locations "recycling"?

posted by Guybrush_Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 279 users

Another thing I'm curious about: with S&M you guys have done a great job, but I confess I was starting to lose interest about it, and the reason is that too many locations were re-used with small changes (e.g. reality 2.0, which was a great episode, was simply located in the same places, but in a virtual view), and the same thing happened for characters. I'm lazy to count them, but you recycled a lot of characters and locations during 2 seasons. Now you can obviously answer "it's a series dude, it's normal and blah blah blah" but I think you understand what I mean: lots of times I had the sensation that some minor character or location was re-used due to budget/time issues.

What I'm asking you is this: will we have to do with 7-8 characters and "rooms" for the entire series of TOMI? Or will it be something bigger?

Will GB have his own "HQ", as Elaine's mansion, and almost every episode is starting from that room? Or will it be something bigger?

I really hope I won't feel "caged" within locations, MI always gave the player the sensation to be in the open seas, always made the player feel free.

Thanks for your time :)

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