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Payment problems with VISA

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I have sent two emails - the first was recognised and the second was not. I had problems processing a payment regarding address and banking details and kept on getting an error message. Having tried this five times I have found I have been charged five times by direct debit. I was unaware and I have received nothing via download. please get back to me on this.

Trystan Davies

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  • As far as I can tell, all five of your attempted charges were rejected by our payment processor. Sometimes rejected charges show up on the statement as if they came through, and then disappear after a little while. Could you please contact your credit card company to ask why the charges are being rejected, and also to verify that the money hasn't actually been collected?

    If you have additional questions after talking to your credit card company, let us know.

  • Hi according to the banks systems all five were accepted and they couldnt explain why they were registered as rejected on your payment processor. I would appreciate it if you could fax my bank which is Alliance and Leicester in the UK and, giving my transaction details, tell them that the five charges were made in error. Their fax number is (UK) 01233 629412.

    I am still interested in getting the Monkey Island package and to send another as a gift if possible.


  • Same thing happened to me! I've got 5 charges on my Credit Card for Tales of Monkey Island, the money is discounted so the payment got through at the credit card end, and i've got the address error issue the 5 times (or more!) that i've tried from TellTale website. Obviously the game does not appear on My Games or anything.
    Please help!!

  • I got the error message using a German MasterCard. I suppose you are having a problem in your credit card processing.

  • Is the problem with international credit card billing fixed by now?

  • Hey not sure if anyone is still reading this thread, but I just wanted to let you all know that we've resolved the international credit card billing issues, as well as the PayPal ones. Everything should be working properly now & anyone who had multiple "pre-authorization" charges made to their credit card should be starting to see these disappear & the funds returned to their accounts. If there is anyone who still sees unexpected charges in their bank statement over the next few days, please let us know by emailing & we'll clear it up! Thanks for your patience everyone!

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