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Will LucasArts be publishing at retail?

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We all know the franchise is licensed from LucasArts, it was announced by LucasArts, it bears "LucasArts and Telltale Games present" on the trailer, and LucasArts link to Telltale Games from the Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. Clearly LucasArts is flaunting it's interest in the game. Does this mean that when in about six months time we get to the retail release, the game will be put on the shelves by LucasArts? I'd love to see a LucasArts & Telltale Games-branded box sitting on my shelf alongside the old LucasArts classics and the Adventure Company/JoWood published Telltale games.

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  • I don't know if we're far enough down the road to be talking retail release yet. What you suggest wouldn't be surprising, but retail really hasn't come up as a topic much yet. Right now our focus is on the episodes, and the season DVD you get for ordering them. :)

  • Well, if you do go down the retail route with lucasarts, a wii version with a three headed monkey doll would be nice...

  • Considering all the interest you've received from reviewers (and encouraging reviews at that!) and the advertising (that indeed drew my attention to the game), you must have had quite unprecedented sales figures. Why not use that to polish the product for PC, Mac, XBox 360, Wii and PS3 for box retail separately? Then the whole world would be watching with keen interest when you get permission from LucasArts to make a sequel! I really think this could work perfectly if you put the required effort, manpower and money into it (AND at a tidy profit, methinks!).

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