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Why did u go and destroy such a good game with so terrible 3D graphic?
Was it so hard to stick with the graphic's from The curse of monkey island that was released in 1997? Thats 12years ago. 12 years old graphics looks 10 times better then this, and had much more feeling in to it.
This just looks like a bad painted child's game, like a Sprongebob game or something like that (not offence Sprongebob).

Is it only me that gets sad and upset to se this sh** ?

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  • a) Monkey Island went 3D 9 years ago.

    b) Most people are happy to have a new monkey Island game

    c) A lot of people like the new look

  • I somehow agree with you. Curse of MI is in my opinion the by far best MI game. Graphics there were absolutely amazing and perfectly fitted world of MI. Still I am incredibly happy for new Monkey Island and preordered without any doubt.

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    @Xocrates said: a) Monkey Island went 3D 9 years ago.

    b) Most people are happy to have a new monkey Island game

    c) A lot of people like the new look

    a) Orly? Hope i didnt miss anything in the first 3d game.

    b) Is that a fact that u just made? All my friends that played Monkey island 1,2,3 hated the first 3d remake 9years ago. Never heard a good thing about that game.

    c) well u are right im afraid. Otherwise they wouldnt make it in 3D. That would be stupid.

  • I was turned off by the graphics in the trailer
    Then i saw the gameplay, looks tonnes better

    go check that out

  • Nah, I think it looks great.

    Telltale are working on other projects, the team for Tales is probably half the size of the Curse team. If they went 2D, it would take them much longer to finish the game. Adventure games are still a niche market, they'll make better games if they take a low-risk approach and keep their development cycles short.

  • IF you want another 2D Monkey Island game, you´ll have to do two things!

    1. Show your support, by buying the tales, and special edition of the first monkey island

    2. Spread the love For monkey islands! Forums, internets! friends and so on!

    The more sale, the more likely Lucas arts will create a new game, they said so at E3!

  • What i find quite strange is that this probably is the first time in my life where people are saying that a 2d game is more work to do be done than a 3d game. Although i guess this could be somehow true under certain conditions if you're having your whole pipeline layed out for 3d games.

    Anyway after watching the gameplay trailer i still have mixed feelings about the look but this just might be due to that specific island and the low quality of the video. I'm quite confident that there will be scenes looking much better than the scene shown in the gameplay trailer. For instance a jungle scene should look a whole lot better and much more *new buzzword* immersive.

    But i honestly also have to say that i probably won't go wow about running through the city/harbour/?-scene after watching the video because this somehow is what i was fearing. I haven't seen how this added anything valuable to the adventure part of the game. It just seems to be more like any other 3d action game now. If this really draws a lot more players to adventures then well may it be happen but personally as a gamer i find it superfluous.

    I wonder how many people would have prefered either a more traditional Sam&Max 3d approach with mouse point&click or even an combined 2d/3d approach like AME has choosen with Vooju Island. Those backdrops look marvellous and i really like the voodoo priest ghost.

  • 3D is definitely less work than 2d. That's why animated movies are also going 3D. With 2D EVERY single frame of a character needs to be hand drawn, and that also includes all angles of backgrounds that have to be drawn separately.

    With 3D you only need to build the model of the character once and build the environment once. The animations can then be applied as 'scripts' to the model and the environment can be viewed from any angle (and lighted from any angle as well).

    At least, that's the way I understand it.

  • I think you underestimate how much work it is building a good and working 3d character. Secondly you can still render out all the needed frames from a 3d model you've built before which actually also isn't needed as AME uses 3d characters in a pseudo 2d environment.

  • It's also a lot easier in 3D for many different departments to work on the same shot concurrently. Also much easier to revise if something doesn't work out. Plus it's a lot cheaper in terms of storage.

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