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omg omg omg omg

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This is so sick. I haven't checked for anything MI related in over two years now, def had given up hope. Then I get bored today and decide to see what's new in the genre since I'm getting real short on point n click games and I see this and it's by far one of this year's best news. Pre ordered in like five seconds. Anyone sceptic or hesitant stfu and enjoy this moment, there can be no complaining or whining- there can only be support and help spreading the news so telltale get more cash so they can deliver more stuff. They are heroes and should be worshipped like Gods and that's it.

Obv I will play thru ep 1 content in less than a day because I have the addictive personality of a heroin addict but whatever.

So ehm, next project myst 6 :)? Then I'd have to tatto telltale on my butt or smt.

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