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Help with Curse of MI

posted by Shiversul on - last edited - Viewed by 458 users

Hello all

Ive decided to go back and play all my MI games, but ive having tonnes of problems with Curse for some reason :(

It used to play perfectly back in the day on my old PC
But it runs horribly on my Quad Core that plays Crysis fine

1. It lags like hell
2. Cutscenes dont play
3. It keeps crashing

Any ideas :'(?

Oh, and i tried running it on one core, stopped the lag for some bits, but the cutscenes play in super duper fast motion then crash halfway through...


EDIT: Uninstalled then reinstalled, same problem :(

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  • Go to
    and download the latest version.

    Then make a directory on your Hard drive with the following files from the original 2 disks:


    Then create a resource folder in that folder and copy the contents of the resource folders from both CDs in there. Doublicates can be overwritten.

    (uses about 1,2 GB of harddrivespace)

    Then start ScummVM, add the directory you created (not the resource directory) and press choose. Scumm VM should detect your Version of CoMI.
    Start the game with ScummVM. It should run perfect.

    PS: How in all the 9 hells have you managed to install it?
    PPS: If you have a non-englisch version of the game you will get an extra scene in the middle of the game that way.
    PPPS: Press F5 to get the option to save your game.

  • "
    3.6) The Curse of Monkey Island notes:
    ---- ---------------------------------
    For this game, you will need the comi.la0, comi.la1 and comi.la2 files.
    The comi.la0 file can be found on either CD, but since they are
    identical it doesn't matter which one of them you use.

    In addition, you will need to create a "resource" subdirectory
    containing all of the files from -both- "resource" subdirectories on the
    two CDs. Some of the files appear on both CDs, but again they're

    How do i do this :S?
    Downloaded Scummvm
    Not sure what to do next

    EDIT: Dont worry :P
    Got any guides to get the other 3 working aswell?
    Assuming the discs wont work without scummvm

  • Find the specified files on the CD, make folders as instructed and copy the files listed to the appropriate folders.

    Then start ScummVM and pick the game directory. Voila :)

  • @Shiversul said:
    EDIT: Dont worry :P
    Got any guides to get the other 3 working aswell?
    Assuming the discs wont work without scummvm

    Just copy the Gamefiles from the Disk to the hard drive (one folder for every game) and add them in ScummVM.

    For Instructions on CoMI use my post above your last one. PS: ScummVM also removes the copy protection. Just enter any numbers and the game will accept them.

  • Thanks guys, got Curse working :D

    God, i love the music in it......

    Anyway to get Scummvm fullscreen?

    EDIT: Dont worry, got it fullscreen :P

  • That opening scene has yet to be topped in terms of music, art style, and lighting... IMHO.... Then the camera is moving towards the Island and then takes a hard turn and all the clouds and Island move independently to reveal guybrush in his bumper car... then the sound FX it all puts you right there in his crazy little cartoon world.

    I'm sure Telltale have some tricks up their sleeves but I somehow doubt they will top that opening..... I hope I am wrong though.

  • Love how the Skeletons lift him out of the water sooo easily

  • LOL well he probably weighs less than my 5ft Asian wife

  • Is there a way to save :S?

    When i click save game, The slots of in the 80's for some reason, the picture doesnt appear when you save, and its not there when you try to load

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