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Il mio pensiero lo trovi su forumcommunity.

However guys what my "friend" wants to say is a kind of way to re direct the attenction on myself rather than on the italian project. ok it is good don't mind.
But the realist thing is that i never had the intenction to offend anybody. My words have been badly intended and written let's say.When i said italians historically hate french etc.. was a simple way to express an ancient campanilism. do you remember fifa world cup 2006? Is this campanilism real or not? it is a genuine campanilism like germans have at the same time with french.
I think that my excuse are more than sufficient if any body was offended by me, but i was joking. Am i stupid or is the other italian stupid? The answer is that the other italian is scared by talltale.. long history...

however I have ever said that italian project is one project made by fan (with no intenction of business!!!)... the fact that i called it the real monkey island was only ideologically. nobody can't say that the fifth official edition of MI is not the english one of TellTale, that is a good one

ps Fan game not commercial game

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