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How did you come across MI?

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I know a lot of people here will have started from the original game, but it also seems lots of people first played Curse.
So I'm curious as to how you first came across the games and which was your first to play?

My brother got Curse of Monkey Island for the PC, and installed it on our computer, and I just started my own save on it, seeing what it was like, and I instantly fell in love with the humour and storyline. Then I sought out the first two games and played the 3 through in order before I finally foudn a copy of Escape.

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  • My brother showed SMI for me.

  • I'm ashamed to say it,but I haven't even heard of Lucasarts until CMI came out. I was a Sierra fanboy, and saw nothing else. After playing CMI, I bought something called "Lucasarts Archive III" that had "the dig", "full throttle", some starwars games, and "monkey island madness" cd, that had both of the first MIs. I finished FT first, and the 2 MI after that (The dig took me a little while to finish, up to 2002 :P). anyway, after that I bought more lucasarts game, and finished pretty much every LEC adventure game there was (expect the first Maniac Mansion)

  • My friends and I used to swap pirated Amiga games at school and one day I was given 4 disks with the words Monkey Island written on them. I played it, loved it, bought the original, bought the sequel, bought Last Crusade, bought Fate of Atlantis, bought Curse, bought EMI, etc etc etc.

  • I'd heard about the games a few times online, but since they were already pretty old, and I'd never heard of eBay or pirating, I couldn't do much about it.

    Then I learned about pirating, and thought that the Secret of Monkey Island was such an old game that it wouldn't matter if I got it for free. I really enjoyed it, and later downloaded the sequel. I didn't download the other two games, because my conenction couldn't handle it, and I was suspicous of direct downloads of CD-ROM games.

    A few years later, I saw the Curse of Monkey Island in a shop and, having developed a moral code that included not stealing computer games, was really happy for the opportunity to legally obtain a Monkey Island game. The only thing I regret is not getting Grim Fandango while I was there.

    I've never played Escape From Monkey Island, and don't really have any desire to.

    Since I regret not paying for the Secret of Monkey Island, I'll definitely get the remake when it comes out.

  • My dad got it off a friend way back in 1991 for the Amiga 500 (pirated of course) and that was my introduction to MI and point n' click games in general

  • Came across it in a video game shop (well, both video games and computers), back in oh... '91, I think.
    It was the Amiga version of the game. I had no idea what it was about, I didn't know the genre or anything. But I had to get it because of the big box and nice box art :D
    Yeah, I was young back then.

  • My friend bought Secret of the Monkey Island and LeChuck's Revenge to Amiga500 and we played those together. It was easier that way, because we were just school boys and our skill in English wasn't good at that time.

    Then some years later I bought CD which had both to my PC.

  • My dad was very into adventures since before I was born. He introduced me to all of them. I inherited a stack of old Rainbow Magazines for the Tandy Color Computer 3. They have pages and pages of code of adventure games that you can type up yourself and run on a CoCo (which I also inherited!).

  • my aunt and my dad had the two first MI and some Indy games. me and my brother used to play them to death.

  • me and my brother kept Curse of Monkey Island as a Christmas gift... since that moment i loved MI and played also first two games; after that, played EfMI... I LOVE Monkey Island !!!

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