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Thanks to Telltale Games for ToMI! And now we want also... Grim Fandango 2 !!!

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Great surprise for Tales of Moneky Island! We love Telltales! Our dear Guybrush is returning!! Great work of TellTale's boys !!! (we want altough Guy speaking Italian, we pray you!!! ). And after this, now we want also sequel of Grim Fandango! Come on Telltales, make new adventures of Manny Calavera!!!

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  • I don't need Grim Fandango 2. I think it stands very well on its own.

    Loom is a game that needs sequels, though... the storyline was never finished.

  • Isn't Grim a solely Schafer-only game? Either way, I never liked it. Not enough to get through it, anyway.

  • What? Do you don't love Manny also?

    And for the storyline: is not necessary to have a sequel, also a prequel may be awesome!!

  • Yeah, I don't see what everyone else sees in Grim Fandango. I don't get the appeal at all. Which is unusual because I love pretty much EVERY other LucasArts game and for some reason everybody rates Grim Fandango as the best one (I can't say I agree with this).

  • I loved Grim Fandango but can't see the potential for a sequel. Loom on the other hand needs one or two.

  • @Armakuni said: I don't need Grim Fandango 2. I think it stands very well on its own.

    Loom is a game that needs sequels, though... the storyline was never finished.

    Originally, Loom was planned as a trilogy, with the second game being The Forge, and the third The Fold. They starred Rusty and the shepherd girl.
    They'd probably suit the chapter style aswell, with added benefits from playing through from the beginning by finding extra drafts, that unlock secrets in later episodes, but allowing people to just step in at any chapter should they wish.

  • That would be good to re-released but I would caution them not to do a sequel cause Grim Fandango was unique and a one-off and a sequel could damage is reputation and without Tim Schafer at the helm theres no one that has the powerful mind of storytelling he has. Same goes with The Dig, a re-release yes, a sequel no

  • I'm not normally one of the type that think that poor or ill-conceived sequels or revivals of properties cause harm to the original work, but I really hope there is not a Grim Fandango sequel or prequel because it really doesn't need either.

    It's a fantastic story that has its beginning and end and I don't think there's any need to revisit the characters or world. Even a straight remake of it I'd be uncertain about because it doesn't really need that either.

    More people should play it though. Any creative methods to drive an audience back to it, I'd be all for.

  • Also, just because a game is good doesn't mean a sequel will be as good. Do you want a sequel because you loved the first game's atmosphere and characters so much? Or do you want a sequel just because you loved the first game's story so much? Big difference. If you liked the story, that's no reason to want a sequel.

  • Like some of you, I don't think a sequel for Grim Fandango... Because the story is definitely ending in it. It's also the case for The Dig. They are one shot. Sequels can be easily done for Maniac Mansion/DOTT, Zak McKraken or Full Throttle.

    Like Armakuni and Serweet, I would like to see the end of the trilogy of Loom. It was a very great game : I remember disliked it when it was released because it's wasn't a funny game like the others SCUMM and without the "verbs system" and now it's one of my favourite ! A game using the music of Tchaikovsky, the Swan Lake (one of the most beautiful music in the world) and it's totally worked...

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