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More dirt?

posted by Rapp Scallion on - last edited - Viewed by 126 users

One of my problems with the last two MI-games is that they're too clean, both environments and people. And it's not easier to avoid this in full 3d, I guess. I can't help but think of Phatt Island in MI2 where the walls on the houses are dirty and cracked, garbage in the streets, just a feeling of.. uncleanness (is that a word?). It's a world of pirates, they don't care much for conservation/washing/cleaning of neither themselves or the environments. Just some examples, but I hope you see what I mean. Adds to the atmosphere and makes the places/pirates feel more authentic, older. Decay is good :) I hope the new games won't look too clean, but it kinda looks that way from pictures/videos. Rough it up a little, please?

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  • This goes for a lot of games, and I agree.

    But I haven't played the Telltale ones yet, so I can't say how they fare in this regard.

    Not that it really matters *that* much anyway, though.

    EDIT - I just remembered, this was a complaint I had (along with TONS of other complaints) about the 'new' Star Wars prequels. They looked too clean and sterile compared to the old trilogy.

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