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Possible explanation to the 'Pirate God' thing

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I do not want to re-ignite that whole 'paganism' thing, here.

I think a lot of people have been reading into that and making assumptions when they should really wait until that episode is released and we can see what it means for ourselves. (Remember; never ‘Assume’, it makes an ‘Ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’).

Anyways, I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, yet, so I figured I'd point it out myself.

In EMI (I slightly dislike that abbreviation and anything that makes me think about major record labels) there was a deranged ghost who had come to see LeChuck in a slightly absurd way and started a church in his name. The whole thing looked not completely unlike many Christian chapels, except for a lava 'flume' ride that went right through it (which served as part of the wedding service where LeChuck was to marry Elaine). Guybrush was even considered to be the "Anti-LeChuck". (There was a bit of recurring theme that nobody would believe that Guybrush was who he said he was, usually because he didn't meet their descriptions).

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