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"Ignore" feature of boards?

posted by jp-30 on - last edited - Viewed by 165 users

Hi TTGers,

It's never been an issue up until now, but I think I'd really like an 'ignore user' option to block out a number of people's posts whose comments are driving me nuts / rotting my braincells (though I know I won't be able to avoid quoted outbursts).

Don't suppose there's a vBulletin plugin that will give the boards this feature that is being considered?

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  • I know what you mean, jp :) I've been deliberately (manually) ignoring many threads that just seem to re-tread the same old ground over and over.

    When the Strong Bad game was announced, there was a great influx of new posters to these forums, many behaving immaturely and asking the same questions over and over again despite clear and pleasant responses from Telltale staff and answers also being in the FAQ for the game.

    Those that didn't play nicely by forum rules soon got the idea that they weren't wanted and left. After having your threads locked many times for being irrelevant or offensive, even the dumbest troll gets the message. I'm not sure if anyone had to be actually banned or not, but after a while, the mass idiocy of certain threads on this forum died down and it regained a sense of community and maturity.

    I'm sure the same will happen here too - when ToMI is released and people get to play it and stop speculating about the same things over and over (despite some good answers from TTG already) then perhaps the furore of idiotic postings will die down and people will make this a lovely place again :)

  • Can I be the first on your ignore list? Ever since I was a wee tyke, my greatest ambition has been to join the Telltale forums and be ignored by an ultra-hip dude like jp-30.

    Don't crush my dreams.

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