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The "Help me remember the title of this game!" game!

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Dear everyone,

I know you are a community of adventure/puzzle gamers, so it's worth a try:

I have been looking (on and off for the past 4 years) for a game that frustrated me as a child, and has since returned to haunt my sleepless nights. I cannot remember the name; I only really remember the first puzzle. A first puzzle that I couldn't, no matter what I tried, solve.

The first puzzle was set outside a mansion. You needed to get inside the mansion. The only way in was through the front door, but when you clicked on it a rude little man poked his head out and said you weren't allowed to enter without permission or something. To your right was a payphone, which I assumed you needed to use to get permission to enter the building. No matter what numbers I dialed I couldn't get anything.

It was back in the day when I didn't realise the true potential of the interwebz as a source of hints and cheats. Go figure.

I'm pretty sure it had the same feel and graphics as the old Myst and Zork games.

Any ideas?

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