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Pre-Order: Taking away stuff we already had?

posted by Rather Dashing on - last edited - Viewed by 157 users

I have been looking over the pre-order bonuses for Tales, and I'm liking it less and less the more I see them.

1. DVD Slipcase painted by Steve Purcell.

This is BOUND to be excellent. As were the Sam and Max: Season One and Season Two covers, neither of which required a pre-order.

2. Free Telltale Games episode of your choice

Not a problem, actually. I mean, I own them all at the moment, but the "Of your choice" means it may not expire before the next series, which could be good. And giving people the choice is overall just a better execution. This is a good one, Telltale.

3. Exclusive Monkey Island forum

I don't like this at all. Telltale games has always felt like the company that is the closest to its fanbase of all the video game companies I've ever known. Placing this "Premium Tier" of customer for the kinds of things that we've always gotten from Telltale staff seems...wrong. Information about the making of the games, wallpapers, high-res images...these are things we got as members of the forum. Now there's a reason to hold back information about the game, for this "higher tier" of customer, the ones who have ALREADY bought the game. It's backwards, it's putting a premium on a lot of the staff interaction that was normal for Sam and Max. Why?

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