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Incremental episode difficulty?

posted by Toothless Gibbon on - last edited - Viewed by 86 users

I was just wondering whether each episode will be more challenging than the last? In the way that the Chapters often were in previous games.

Have other Telltale games done this or are they much the same?

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  • Ah big word bigggg wooooorrrrd ! *head explodes to day of the tentacle sound effects * MOOOO! MOOOO! ...Um, I felt that the longer Sam and Max handled their material the harder the episodes have gotten. More likely than not though for this project, being released in chapters I believe it will be consitent . Difficulty not only says something about the player, but also the atmosphere, the character's dynamics and several other important details that prob wouldn't be alterted from episode to episode . I would say that Mi one and 2 are about the same, and 3 - and 4 about the same as well.

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