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Forums for Pre-orders?... I've lost the link....

posted by GoT on - last edited - Viewed by 132 users

Gday guys,

sorry im new here so i apologise if the answer to this is staring me in the face...i just can't find it.

i accidentally clicked back after paying for my pre-ordered monkey island season pass thingy.... and now i can't find the special forum that pre-order ppl get access to. Is it this one that im already typing in (which would make me a moron and great pirate candidate) or is it someplace hidden?

I did click on the link for it after i purchased the pre-order games and then my net died, i clicked back and resend too many times and there ya have it...

any help would be appreciated!



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    Ummm, i probably should clarify. that was a bit confusing.

    It says you get an "access to a special monkey island website" . And they give you a link when you've payed, which i have, but i lost the link...

    thanks to anyone that can help me out!



  • When you click on Tales of Monkey Island in the forums
    you should see two brances

    Tales of monkey island general discussion - (which is this one)
    and the other one

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    Thanks Hamzie,

    i have payed for the games and the payment has gone thru but i cant see that other branch on the forum. Do i need to do something else first in order to access it?



    ps: In the Email i got from them when it says CLICK HERE. IT acutally takes you to this page: which just shows the purchases.. im not sure what else i have to do.

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    Thanks mate. I've emailed the support guys AND posted it in the forum you suggested.


  • It's difficult for us to deal with this issue when people post about it on the forum rather than emailing. If you pre-ordered and are not seeing the Private Pirates forum, please write to and let us know:

    1) Your order number, username, or the email address you used to place the order
    2) If you received a confirmation email after placing your order
    3) If Tales of Monkey Island shows up on your My Games page
    4) If you had a forum username before ordering Tales of Monkey Island, or only created one after placing the order

    We are working hard to get this issue resolved and to get everyone taken care of. If you haven't received a response from a human being in 48 hours (as opposed to the auto-response, which comes in automatically), please send a PM to David and he can look up your support ticket.

    Thanks for your patience as we get this worked out!

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