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Games Telltale needs to do

posted by Inika_Unite77 on - last edited - Viewed by 626 users

1. Bone 3
2. Telltale Texa's Hold 'Em 2
3. Sam and Max Season 3
4. Telltale racing (think Mario kart with Sam, Max, wallace, gromit, Strong Bad, etc)
5. Rex the Runt Adventures (see my other post about this)
6. Wallace and gromit season 2
7. Strong bad season 2

Any more ideas?

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  • That is the single worst use of an apostrophe that I have ever seen...

  • Ahhhh, this gives me a chance to pitch my awesome grammar mystery adventure game, Felix Write: Ace Apostrophe! In which you solve crimes by finding the syntactical errors in witness testimony!


  • At the moment i'm pretty darn happy enough that they are making a new monkey island game.

    This is a list of games i'd love to see them do but not going to demand it.

    1.Sam and Max season 3 (i know you;ve already added it but, i'm pretty hyped)
    2. Day of the Tentacle series (the only other series by lucasarts that i would love to see them bring back. I think its a series that they could have alot of freedom with. Maybe they could keep the original characters from it and expand with new wacky characters and maybe recreate some of the characters from the first maniac mansion. They seriously could go anywhere with this series, jst like sam and max.)
    3. I would love to see Telltale work on some original products. They've proven that they can create some fantastic original characters in the sam and max series. Maybe after all the exposure from the new monkey island series, they feel up for taking the risk.
    4. umm... you know, that's pretty much it. If telltale succeeded in doing the first 3 i'm pretty sure my head would explode from joy.

  • 1. Myst
    2. Indiana Jones
    3. More Monkey Island
    4. New stuff

  • [LIST]
    [*]More Bone
    [*]Simon the Sorcerer
    [*]The Simpsons
    [*]Doctor Who

  • Why are their so much of these threads now?

  • I could go for a new season of Sam & Max, but I think new series are needed too, so I'm not ready for more SBCG4AP or W&G so soon.

    Doctor Who, definitely. Other than that.. I want Loom. Maybe Telltale could do a completely new series of their own creation too? :)

  • As much as I'd play a lot of these, I'd like Telltale do an original series. I'd really like to see what they'd come up with from scratch.

  • @StinkomanFan said: Why are their so much of these threads now?

    Monkey Island.

    1. Now that they have the Monkey Island franchise, they are like Omnipotent Gods, with nothing outside their reach.

    2. Now that they have THREE new series between a continuation of either Bone or Sam and Max, people are starting to get antsy about whether or not their favorite of Telltale's games is going to get left behind.

  • My vote would be for a new Gabriel Knight series, they ended way too soon!

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