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So, what can *we* do to help?

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Hi Telltale,

As you'll have seen from reaction around the web, there are many, many groups of people who are very happy to see the legacy of LucasArts adventures being continued by its alumni (both Telltale and Autumn Moon, and to a lesser extent Pileated).

While the Sam & Max 2 cancellation hubbub was in full swing, you'll have noticed plenty of people who were willing to pre-pay for the game to prove it was viable and ensure money in the bank for LEC.

So, I'm wondering if there's anything we, the casual punter and rabid fan could do to assist Telltale? I see there's cafepress merchandise on the homepage now - cool, but how about something with your caveman? The Telltale logo on its own is a bit nondescript.

I can't speak for others, but if you need a top-up cash injection outside of your corporate funding drive, I'd happily pre-pay or part-pre-pay for a game that's still up to a year away and/or pay a subscription fee that would give small exclusives or pre-release tastes of your products. And I'd wager a lot of other LEC adventure fans would think the same way.

Forgetting all that, outside of us fans parting with our hard earned money, is there anything else we can do on your behalf to make your job easier?

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