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S&M ep 201 crashes

posted by Octave Doctor on - last edited - Viewed by 92 users

Hi. After having swooped down and purchased both S&M season two DVD deluxe edition, soundtrack and the complete Monkey Island, I thought I would play some of the downloadable games. I did not expect any troubles, since this is the same computer (with Windows XP) I played S&M season 1 with, and the only changes are a newer graphics driover and a FullHD-capable monitor.

Anyways: I installed and started episode one of seaons two. The install process went smooth as butter, the game started up and I got the configuration helper. I configured the game to use fullscreen, 1920*1080. The configuration screen changed accordingly and everything looked all right. I then started the game, and was greeted with a black screen, some kind of trumpet sound that went in a loop. Then it crashed to boot.

I started the game again, choosed a resolution of 1440*900, and the monitor told me that this was out of range. I then rebooted my computer, uninstalled the game, installed it again and went through the configuration screen. This time I choosed 800*600 Windowed. This worked well for a minute or so, before the game crashed to a blue screen. This was the first time for a year or so I got a blue screen. Could you please give me some hints regarding what might be wrong with this computer/my version of the game?

Thanks in advance

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