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Im confused! UK buyer!

posted by Marley1987 on - last edited - Viewed by 132 users

I have been a die hard fan of monkey island now since i was little and was very excited to hear about the new game, so much infact i nearly cried!

Anyways, is it going to be released in the UK? and when?

Im interested in pre-ordering but i really dont get what its all about! What am I paying for and how do i download? Can i burn the game onto disk myself? What about the game for the Wii, would i have to preorder twice to get both, can i preorder for the wii in UK, how do I get the Game.

Ive noticed alot about downloading each episode, but will I receive a copy on disk at any point, the DVD bit is confusing me to. .

Sorry its a little rambley, im am just utterly confused!

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  • If you preorder you will be able to download each game when it is released, regardless of what country you are in. This is onyl for the PC version though.
    You will then receive the DVD after all have been released, with a special edition slip for preorders only.

  • To reiterate -- when you buy Tales of Monkey Island you'll get a download of each chapter as it's released (there are five, and they'll come out approximately monthly starting July 7th), and then at the end of the five episode run you'll be sent a DVD with the whole thing bundled together. It's very similar to a TV series you watch as it's running, and then is released together on DVD, except that in this case you just buy it once and get it all :)

  • I sent an email to telltale support asking the same thing. They said that at the end of the season you can ask for them to send the DVD version for free but you have to pay for shipping. Being from the UK i hope it isnt THAT much, but the special edition slipcase sounds worth it.

  • A thread lower on this page has a person stating that the shipping seems to hover around £6 for the DVDs, with an earlier order being just under and a more recent order for the SBCG4AP being just over.

  • Yeah the slipcase is worth it. I held off pre-ordering for a few days because it didn't feel fair I paid more because I live in a sucky country, but then I remembered the exchange rate which balances out (well I was born a Yorkshireman, you can't blame me for being petty about money... they closed down the mines Goddamit! :p).
    And ToMI is looking very, very good.

  • @Marley1987 said: What about the game for the Wii, would i have to preorder twice to get both, can i preorder for the wii in UK, how do I get the Game.

    Just also to clarify - you can't get the Wii version from Telltale's website, you'd have to buy it through Wiiware - release dates to be confirmed. AFAIK, the UK release date will be after the US release date[1] but usually not more than a month or so.

    The DVD preorder special offer is for the PC version only. I don't think there are any plans currently for a Wii DVD, but that's not to say that there won't be one available eventually after the season is complete.

    [1] going by what happened for SBCG4AP

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