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Missing a "D3DX9_41.dll" or similar file? Read me!

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Some of you may be getting a message like the one below while launching a Telltale game:


If so, then you need to run the DirectX Updater again:

DirectX Web Updater
- Computer must be on the Internet when running this update.


DirectX Off-line Updater
- Computer does not need to be on the Internet to run this update, but it's a 93+mb file.

They both do the same thing. The first one requires the Internet to download files at install time, the other one has all the files you need up front.

Details to what's happening:

Telltale games require more recent DirectX updates than what's originally included in Windows XP, Vista, and 7. To combat this, I include the DirectX Web updater with the game's install program. Microsoft doesn't include DirectX as apart of Windows Update, I have to resort to using the web installer at install time.

However, this requires the computer to be on the Internet at installation time. Otherwise it's an extra 100MB per episode. So if the Internet isn't there, then DirectX isn't updated. I wish there was an easier way about this!

For reference, the season DVDs do and will continue to have the off-line version of the DirectX updater on the DVD.

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