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Leisure Suit Larry 8?

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Considering Telltale juggles original properties as well as continuing classics, why not work out a deal with Vivendi Universal? Worked with Lucasarts, everyone gets a cut, and hell, Al Lowe might even get a chance to pick up where LSL 7 was rudely interrupted!

And before people jump in with "but Telltale's a kids company", look at the titles that have also sold:

- Telltale Texas Hold 'Em (poker)
- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Plus, people who have played the classics and ignored all the games post-Larry Laffer, know it's more about the comedy than the cleavage.

I've talked to Al Lowe recently, and he didn't straight away shoot down the idea too. A good sign.
(Maybe he's sick of the crap V.U is shovelling out under his creation's name?)

Oh, and also a good sign: Jan Rabson is still alive and voicing characters.
(IMDB: Horton Hears a Who! (2008) (voice) .... Town Cryer/Additional Voices)

Questions? Comments? Other tangential ideas?

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