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No save for XBLA demo?

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Hey there, seeing as I don't have the scratch to repurchase season 1 I decided just to download the demo to see how you handled the controls for the 360 release. Nice to see it's the same and that the demo is Culture Shock in its entirety.

However, I have a cousin staying with me at the moment. He just finished playing Full Throttle today so I thought he might enjoy Sam and Max. So I had him start playing but it was getting kind of late. After a short while his brain basically shut down. So I told him to give it a rest and to pick up where he left off tomorrow.

So we go to save the game but find there's no option for it anywhere. Figured maybe it's only autosave, so we exit the game and restart it to see if that's the case and no. No save game at all, when/if he decides to resume he'd have to start from the beginning again.

Is this really the case? If so, was it a design decision or a limitation put upon you by XBLA? If it's at all possible I think a small patch enabling saves would be great.

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