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Better multi user save support possible?

posted by galdab on - last edited - Viewed by 99 users

My daughter (6 years old) is a massive W&G fan. Not of the show but of the games! Problem is the save game support is very single user focused. While there are ways to have two people playing through at different times, the risk of stomping the other persons save is huge. Any chance we could get profile support for Monkey Island? I know she's going to love those too and I am sick of waiting for her to finish an episode before I can play it :)

Cheers guys and keep up the good work.

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  • Monkey Island hasn't got profile support, but it does have a more standard save system than Wallace & Gromit, where you manually save your game in a save slot. So you can save in slot 1 and she can save in slot 2, etc. Admittedly not all that bulletproof but its cleaner than the W&G bookmark system, which confused more people than it helped.

    Also, I believe we support separate saves per Windows profile, so if you log out of Windows and then log in as a different user, it will have its own saves.

  • Thx for the info Jake. I guess the easiest way would be to set her up a windows profile. Failing that I guess I could backup saves. Hmm, would multiple installs on the same machine work? I'm guessing not if it saves to a windows profile. Scratch that completely. Just found the folder and it would copy right over even with different install paths. Hey... I could write a batch file that moves the saves around. I'd have one for each user. You are a genius! Cheers!

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