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Pirate music

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So, we've talked about reggae music, and about pirate movies... but what about pirate music? There's quite a bit of it out there! Such as...

Movie music
[*]Masters and Commanders is a nice collection of pirate movie music
[*]Pirates of the Silver Screen, another cool collection of pirate movie music
[*]Korngold: The Sea Hawk / Deception - even more swashbuckling movie music goodness!
[*]Gilbert & Sullivan: The Pirates of Penzance - not exactly movie music per se, but certainly swashbuckling

Traditional songs
Pirate music is of course closely related to traditional (Irish) folk songs, and sometimes the line between both is a bit blurred... anyway, some nice examples:
[*]Skip Henderson - one of his tracks was used in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies!
[*]The Brobdingnagian Bards make all sorts of cool Celtic music - not necessarily pirate stuff, but highly recommended nonetheless!
[*]Captain Black Jack Murphy is actually one of the aforementioned Bards, and this is a CD full of pirate songs
[*]Rant & Roar - sea shanties! yay!
[*]Heather Alexander's got a lovely voice with which she sings songs of the sea
[*]Stan Rogers - more folk music than pirate music, but oh my, is it good
[*]Roy Metté: more pirate music!
[*]Rogue's Gallery is interesting, because it has famous artists singing sea shanties... maybe not very good though :P

Pirate rock
This is apparently hard to get right, judging by the first example:
[*]The Pirates Charles
[*]Brine & Bastards do pirate rock a bit better
[*]But the best are... The Real McKenzies; not technically pirate rock I guess, but close enough, and awesome!

Pirate music for kids
[*]Toucan Pirates are brilliant, especially with instrumental music
[*]Pirates of the Caribbean: Swashbuckling Sea Songs - this is actually not half bad, even if you're not a kid (same goes for Toucan Pirates, by the way)
[*]Of course They Might Be Giants have tried their hand at pirate music too, although I'm not sure if that was such a good idea

And last but not least...

Pirate hip hop
Yes, it does exist. Proof here:
[*]Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew

Well, that's it for me... do you lads 'n' lasses have any cool pirate music to share?

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