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ToMI Pre-order "free game" coupon invalid?

posted by Krajab on - last edited - Viewed by 110 users

I tried buying season one of sam & max with my free game coupon, using the code from the e-mail that was sent after I purchased the game. Whenever I try to apply the coupon in the purchase, it says it's invalid. Can someone help me fix this or tell me why it won't work? Thanks.

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  • You're trying to buy the full season or a single episode of Sam and Max?

    The coupons from the ToMI preorder are for a single episode of one of Telltale's games (the ones that cost $8.95). Try ordering just an single episode with the coupon. You can then, of course, use a season upgrade to get the rest of the S&M season a little more cheaply.

  • Molokov is correct. Season One is actually discounted to $19.95 right now (it'll be this price through the Monkey launch), so you might want to use that coupon for a Season Two or Strong Bad episode, and then upgrade. Season One is cheaper right now if you just buy the whole thing.

  • Yeah, I noticed that. Just goes to show how important observation is.

    On a similar note, the same can be said for me noticing the Hardcover Special instead of getting Season 1 and 2 and the softcover separately as I was considering.

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