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Wallace & Gromit Demo - Sound & Video Issues

posted by Zak McKracken on - last edited - Viewed by 157 users


Sorry if this was already talked about.

I recently downloaded the demo for Wallace & Gromit in anticipation for Monkey Island. As soon as I started both the preview and the game were extremely choppy and the sound would skip a bit. I've purchased Bone & Sam & Max so I was just wondering what was going on here?

Could anyone help. I'm hoping that Tales of Monkey Island does not cause the same problem because I'm really looking forward to it.


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  • Wallace & Gromit is much more resource demanding than the other games so far because of the new 3D design. (And I guess this will be the same for ToMI). - As I do not know your hardware configuration (like CPU, graphics card and memory installed), one or more of the components might be too "weak" for this game. - If your hardware is up-to-date, this could also be related to the driver for the graphics card or the installed "DirectX" version.

    My advise (not having any information on your hardware and driver versions) would be to a) make sure that all your drivers (especially for the graphics card and "DirectX") are up-to-date. - If your hardware components are quite old already, also try to set the graphic details to "1", terminate all other (background) applications you do not need (to get more CPU time for the game and to free some memory) and then check again.

    Any additional information about your system (hardware, operation system, driver versions, etc.) you could post might also help to isolate the problem.

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