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Hi monkey in town here.

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Hi, I'm a new monkey at these forums. ooo! ooo! eee! eee!
I followed the link from I can hardly wait to see new, original adventure games or maybe a new monkey island or sam&max game. IMO, PC games have been really lacking content lately. Everyone is on the big, "more polygons are better" hype. To me that doesn't make a game. What makes a great game is the story.

About me...I have quite a collection of PC games. (I don't own a game console.) My old DOS games include:
Sam & Max
Sierra games like King's Quest, Legend of Kyrandia, etc...
Ultima series games

Too many to name. I feel these games like Sam & Max still hold their quality well compared to new-fangled games. They have storylines that include a lot of humor and wittiness that make the game fun to play. This is very much lacking in today's games. Unfortunately, LucasArts doesn't seem to listen to their fans anymore. All they care about is producing Star Wars related games. I am very much tired of that.

Good luck to Telltale games, and their future projects. Got to go for now...

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