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I've got a BIT of an idea guys. Lets huddle up.

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Oh also I haven't posted here since this place first opened. How’s everyone doing?

Alright so I'm just the usual grew-up-on 2d Adventure games Sam and Max was my favorite blah blah. The only thing that lessens my excitement is that its in 3d, and if Jar Jar Binks taught us anything, its that 3d has a way of raping your childhood. I'm sure this has been debated but I just think it'd be awesome if they did one of the chapters in old fashioned SCUMM 2d just like the old game. It'd be really bizarre and amazing to see the characters in new locations and such. And also, it seems to me it'd be really easy. There's a website and some software these people made for this exact purpose

I mean I'm not saying the 3d will be bad, but since we're doing a bit of a throwback with this whole thing I'd love to see some classic Sam and Max, as if they made a sequel the next year or something. What do you think?

Also! If anyone else is interested in dong a project on that software and making our own 2d game, maybe even a big forum project (the software isn't that hard and a collaborative effort could yield impressive results).

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    I would be amused if the new Sam and Max did perhaps one scene in 2D, part as an homage and part as a joke, perhaps in the same sort of way that the original Sam and Max did a scene in 3D just for fun.

    Also, not to start a debate, but perhaps just to play devil's advocate, it wasn't the CG that ruined the Star Wars prequels, it was the writing. No amount of graphical flair makes up for crappy writing.
    The good news for us is that, as far as I can tell, the writing in this new Sam & Max seems to be great. Also pleasant is the fact that while they've moved to 3D, they haven't overdone it to the point where it's obnoxious.

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    Heatherlee Telltale Staff

    Also! If anyone else is interested in dong a project on that software and making our own 2d game, maybe even a big forum project (the software isn't that hard and a collaborative effort could yield impressive results).[/quote]

    If you folks get together and make a game, Dave Grossman and I will play it. I might be able to force Brendan and Greg to play it too, but they aren't within easy asking distance of me and we have all been chained to our desks for the time being.

    We reserve the right to wait for a break in the production schedule though. Depending on when you get it done, of course. :)

  • If there's going to be a game, I'll be willing to write dialogue or whatever. I like writing. I may not be very good at it, but I like writing.

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    We'd need.

    1) Writers. I write for a living and have a concept to pitch if this gets going but I'd like it to be really community-level involvment and everyone gets a voice.
    2) Artists. Anyone who can draw.
    3) Technical people. The software is not hard to use but it'd be good to have someone master it that and manage everything on that side.

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    People have started 2d Sam and MAx fan games since forever.
    3d looks beautiful

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    Actually, I guess I didn't mention this but I would suggest that a community project not be a Sam and Max game but just a 2d point and click of our own invention.

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    I would be happy to contribute character concept art if this is going to be a completley original project. I'm also a fairly talented writer.

    I've actually had an idea for a point and click adventure game idea in mind for a while, I'll post to some character sketches later.

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    My concept is this.

    Title: The Ends of the Earth

    The setting is an alternate history where the Roman, Egyptian, Native American and other civilizations survived up into the 21st century. So there are robots and technology but infused with the cultures of those empires.

    So there's this civilization of people that discovers something called "Group Mind" and they've got this collective consciousness thing going on that enables them to do magic stuff and create this perfect society. Meanwhile the big empires are getting nuclear technology and there’s a bit of a cold war arms race. Both sides are scared that the other will use the Group Mind people to make a shield and bomb the other so they make a treaty to disband the city and spread them all out far enough so that their powers will be extremely limited. The group mind race live longer than humans so they agree, knowing that the empires will eventually bomb each other off the face of the earth. Before leaving they bury stones underground in a circle around the city and when a group-mind man stands above each one they can bring the city back to how it was exactly before they were removed. The city has become such a home to these people that it is a conductor for their energy and mind power.

    The story begins in Rome with a lonely young boy who befriends a lonely elderly man. When his life is put in mortal danger, the old man uses his powers to save him and it is revealed that he is part of the group mind. At this point the cold war has heated up. Before the group mind people thought little of humans but the friendship between the old man and the young boy convinces them to travel throughout the world finding other group mind people, trying to acquire enough to reactive the city and make a shield that will protect both empires and avoid the apocalypse. But the empires catch wind of this and set their goons on them. As their group grows so do their powers and the confrontations between empires and the band of travelers escalate. As the bombs begin to fall it’s a race against time to return to the city and activate the stones to save the earth.

    What do you guys think? Not exactly the typical point and click but it could be done and I think it'd be awesome.

    I have a friend who wants to write the music and he's a pro-piano player so it'd be sweet ambience stuff. Also I took an animation class at USC so I have working knowledge of that, I just can't draw very well.

    To all who are interested my email is and my AIM is leadzaplin.

  • Well, I have stuff all experience with any of this sort of thing, but I would REALLY like to help. I have a copy of AGS but have never bothered attempting to use it, but I'd certainly like to try. I am lead to believe by other people that I can write fairly well (although whether they're to be believed is another thing...). To be honest, I've wanted to try making my own game for a while now. Lack of experience has stopped me though.

    I have a friend who can do some quite nice looking sprites as well so if'n anyone wants to actually go ahead and try this, I'm game. By they way Mr. kgsullivan, are you sure that's your real email address? It's missing an "n" on the end of the "sullivan" so I'm not sure. Plus, having it sitting here in the middle of a forum makes it a big ol' target for spammers.

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    Definitely count me in too! - I suck at graphics and I've never designed a game, but I work as a programmer (Java & C# unfortunately), so maybe Pvt._Public and I (or if Pvt._Public is involved with game design maybe Withnail & I? or just little 'ol I) could geek it up and see if we can't figure out this ADS stuff.

    Anyone able to compose a few tunes?
    Can ADS handle speech???

    If you like I can download ADS and have a poke around this weekend (or next weekend if I'm dragged out house hunting this weekend) - Put together a small sample demo with what I've figured out, see what you guys think? :@)

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