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Two Questions What will be the size of the game on the hard disk ? And a second quest

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I was wondering if anyone can tell how big i mean what is the size of the game will be after and before installation ? ( of the first chapter )

And what will be the gameplay time of the first chapter ? I mean how many hours ?

Thanks .

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  • Really hard to say.e The Strong Bad games that were also released on Wiiware are about 50 MB, the Sam and Max games are about 100 MB, and the Wallace and Gromit games are 400-500 MB.

    Keeping in mind that this is pure conjecture, I'd say they'll be larger than SBCG4AP while being smaller than Wallace and Gromit. I think they learned a lot from their SBCG4AP release, and they'll be able to make a bigger and better PC experience alongside the Wii release. But again, pure guesswork.

    It's also hard to say how long the game will take to complete. Everyone says 2-3 hours for the Sam and Max games, which this is supposed to be most similar to. However, I find myself taking longer than that, with four hours being on the low end of my completeion of episodes. It just kind of depends on how easily you solve the puzzles.

  • I imagine each episodes will be a couple hundred megs. Don't know for sure though.

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