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String Bads EP 1 Can´t save progress

posted by BaronVonAwesome on - last edited - Viewed by 135 users

i can´t save the game progress and the game setting from Strong Bads Episode 1 on my pc.
Ive installed the game in my personal directory on Windows Vista 64.
Can someone give me a hint to solve this problem?



P.S: I ment "Strong Bads EP1" in the title, sry, my mistake

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  • What happens when you try to save the game, does it give you an error message?

  • The message "game saved" appears when i try to save the game. Even the Cam-Screenshots will be saved but in an unknown, cryptically folder like 00$&$&%/telltalegames...

    After that i looked for the cam/save folder, but it does not exist. I looked in myDocuments/.. and in user/me/appdata/local/virtualSore. The searching for *.save was unsuccessful, too. (option to look for hidden folders is activated)

    So i tried to reinstall the game in different folder, the default, and personal one, as an admin. But nothing changed to the problem.

  • Do you have UAC on? That *might* cause this sort of problem.

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