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FLASHFILM - I wonder what happens in »ToMI - Launch of the Screaming Narwhal«

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Hellow everyone.
Last week, I thought, man, it’s over two years since I made the Monkey Island Flash Movie. Now that Monkey Island is coming back, my motivation to do another movie about my favorite game of all time has risen extremely! Therefor, I HAVE to do another one!

And here it is. This piece of funny-stuff was made in only one week, with the help of some awesome people:
There’s Martin, who did all the backgrounds in just one day, and he made them beautifully beautiful (visit more of his work on DeviantArt!).
Then Suro, old pal, he gave his voice to the very friendly captain. Watch him explode on a DoubleFine-Tribute-Movie by us here!
And of course Andrei, aka Silverwolfpet (he’s in this forum too!), who showed with his song »Monkey in my Pocket« that he is a funny guy with awesome voice-acting-skills (please check out his Music-Video!).

This movie is for all of you Monkey Island Fans, to kill some time, to boost up the anticipation, to LOL and ROFL, to debate if the events of the Flash-Movie are actually going to happen…

And, of course, it’s a tribute to Telltale, all these guys who are working very hard and full of passion, right now, on the new Monkey Island Episodes…man, I cannot thank you enough for all this!

TellTale, LucasArts, and of course, Ron Gilbert: Thank you for Monkey Island!

Enough talkie-stuff, let’s watch some funny new Monkey Island Movie!

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