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Has Anyone Pre-ordered more then one copy of TOMI?

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 296 users

Basically the title says it all, i know a few people here has mentioned that theyve pre-ordered more then one copy of the game,ive pre-ordered one copy so far, and hearing people pre-ordering a 2nd one,made me consider if i should buy another one

now if you have, what are your reasons for buying another one?,even though you'll get a dvd case by Steve Purcell again

is it so you want to keep one untouched and the other you can play on all the time?

if so couldnt you buy a standard hard copy when it releases and leave the collectors one alone?

or you want to sell it on ebay to some Monkey Island fan who missed the chance to pre-order, so you can make profit?

or do you want to help Telltales profit?

do they have a limited number that they will sell,im guessing its not one per customer,are people certain to get more then one dvd when it comes to shipping it?

so whats your reason for pre-ordering another copy of the game?

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