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About that secret picture...

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Doesnt the guy in the middle look like he has his hand on the other guy's ass? They're all holding something (or in the guy w/ the beanie's case, wearing something) ... maybe thats a clue... lol

BTW this is my first post, but I did read all 27 other pages of posts on this thread and i just wanted to give my two cents.

I loved Day of the Tentacle, the first 3 MI games, Full Throttle, Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis and Sam and Max. They rocked a ton. I just hope they find capable voice-actors and musicians because that was really what made those games awesome, along with all the humor and hidden jokes/easter eggs. I dont really know who that Bone dude is but I appreciate the fact that someone is finally listening to the people who don't just want another Star Wars space-shooter piece of crap. I couldn't believe it when LucasAss cancelled both the FullThrottle and S&M sequels, and I hope TellTale Games prospers if only to show LA how stupid they are.

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